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Equipment developed to facilitate the arching process of truck and bus springs.

The arching is performed through a roller or calender system, with protections on the sides, thus avoiding the direct contact of the operator with the spring.

The equipment was developed to be operated by one person, facilitating the adjustment and precision when arching the springs, due to the total control of movement and height that the regulation allows during arching.

Technical characteristics:

Three-Phase Supply Voltage: 220 Volts or 380 Volts

Electric Motor: 1.5HP

Electric Drive: 30A reversing electric switch with lever

Cylinder Drive: Manual (lever) or pneumatic

Hydraulic Cylinder Capacity: 40 Tons

Spring Pass Width (mm): 130 mm

Bowing Type: Roll / Calender

Length (mm): 737

Width (mm): 500

Height (mm): 1580

Weight (Kg): 243 Kg


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