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Equipment developed to assist in the riveting and extraction of rivets of skates and brake linings of the heavy segment.

It is compact and made especially for environments without much space, operating with low air consumption, with pressure regulation, providing correct riveting and with uniform pressure.

In this way, each type of rivet receives the ideal load for its riveting, guaranteeing the quality required by most automakers.

Note: Extraction of tubular and semi-tubular rivets only

The use of brass rivets is indicated.

Technical characteristics:

Pneumatic Cylinder: Double Action

Activation: Made by pedal

Working Pressure: 7 bar / 2750 kgf to 8 bar / 3100 kgf

Punch Stroke (mm): 32 mm

Air Consumption (m³ / h): 0.64 m³ / h (cycle)

Height Adjustment: It has height adjustment for extraction and riveting

Length (mm): 566

Width (mm): 136

Height (mm): 608

Weight (Kg): 49 Kg


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