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Equipment developed to facilitate the process of removing and tightening the nut of the spring beam fixing clamp.

It has the lowest height in comparison to the other versions, in addition to having a longer cannon with a more compact transmission box. With its innovative electrical system, it provides more safety and control for the operator, as it supplies the machine's control parts with 24 Volt electrical voltage. It has an emergency button, for situations where the machine should not operate.

The tightening control is carried out through the impulse given in pulsating buttons, not damaging the thread and not heating the nut, clamp or screw. No need to retighten and speed up the process.

Technical characteristics:

Three-Phase Supply Voltage: 220 Volts or 380 Volts

Command Voltage: 24 Volts

Electric Motor: 3CV

Electric Drive: Performed through pushbuttons

Security System: Emergency button

Reduction System: Oil-plated planetary reducer

Output Rotation: 30 RPM

Socket Fit: 1 ”(Inch)

Output Torque (Socket): 110 Kgf / m

Length (mm): 1537

Width (mm): 504

Height (mm): 272

Weight (Kg): 114 Kg


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