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Equipment developed to facilitate the arching process of truck and bus springs.

Arching is performed by means of piston pressure and the advance of the cylinder is controlled by the operator, with the activation of the pedal. The return occurs by the action of the hydraulic command of the equipment.

Technical characteristics:

Three-Phase Supply Voltage: 220 Volts or 380 Volts

Electric Motor: 5CV

Electric Drive: Single electric switch 30A with lever

Hydraulic Drive: Foot operated hydraulic control

Cylinder Control: Pedal-controlled advance and recoil by command action

Cylinder Capacity: 55 Tons

Spring Passage Width (mm): 50

Bowing Type: Piston pressure

Length (mm): 589

Width (mm): 648

Height (mm): 1273

Weight (Kg): 292 Kg


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