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Equipment developed to assist when drilling, to extend the chassis.

By manipulating the X, Y and Z axes, the operator has total control and this, in turn, reduces the chances of drill breakage and accidents, bringing agility, reliability and quality to the process.

Technical characteristics:

Three-Phase Supply Voltage: 220 Volts or 380 Volts

Electric Motor: 1.5HP

Electric Drive: Single electric switch 30A with lever

Drill Rotation (RPM): 310

Morse Cone Model: Morse Cone 2.

Advanced Drill Stroke (mm): 133

Cross Stroke (mm): 530

Vertical Drilling Stroke (mm): 480

Vertical Drilling Height (mm): 720 to 1200

Drilling Capacity: Up to 19 mm

Coordinate Control: The control of the X, Y and Z coordinates is done through a handle attached to the machine's spindles.


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