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Equipment developed to assist in the riveting and extraction of rivets of skates and brake linings of the heavy segment.

It has electro-hydraulic operation, which provides, in addition to agility, a lower noise and vibration index.

It also presents high performance for having riveting technology in its adjustable device, which results in greater safety and efficiency in the riveting process.

Note: Extraction of tubular and semi-tubular rivets only

The use of brass rivets is indicated.

Technical characteristics:

Three-Phase Supply Voltage: 220 Volts or 380 Volts

Electric Motor: 1.5HP

Electric Drive: Single electric switch 30A with lever

Hydraulic Drive: Made by a pedal together with the remote control

Pressure Regulation: Pressure regulation from 83 Kg / cm² to 225 Kg / cm²

Height Adjustment: It has height adjustment for extraction and riveting

Punch Stroke (mm): 35

Length (mm): 512

Width (mm): 400

Height (mm): 1477

Weight (Kg): 120 Kg


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